Thunderbird hides last message

After the latest upgrade to TB 115 I started to have a problem with the message window - it hides the last message. I use the classic layout and in the window with all messages my latest messages are at the bottom.
From the upgrade I need to scroll to the very last one every time as it is either partially or completely hidden.
I do not have layout problems as described here: How to de-uglify Thunderbird?

Any idea if this can be somehow solved via configuration or is that a TB bug which needs to be fixed?

I tried to check the TB bugzilla but did not find anything there …
ask the perpetrators

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Can you not enlarge the panel with the message list? Normally you should be able move the lower border of the message list panel with the mouse. :man_shrugging:

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I can but that does not solve the issue, better to say the panel size is not a problem, problem is that the last message is not visible in that panel.

Um, if you enlarge the message list panel, then the last message will eventually become visible, no? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Do you mean - in about:config “alerts.totalOpenTime”
bigger value (20000??)