Thunderbird: Can´t add Hotmail account


Thunderbrid does not let me add/config Hotmail account.
I tried manual config from Thunderbird info, nothing.
Google account and Yahoo went fine.
I got so mad that removed Thunderbird and I’m now using Bluemail.
The accounts config went great. No issues.
However Bluemail it heavy on my 2007 laptop with 3GB.
Is there a way to make Thunderbird work or better yet a e mail app similar to Win10 Mail for XFCE?
I have tried Geary and ti does not work well with XFCE.
I’m looking for something that would notify me (via icon) of new mail without opening the app (like in Win10).


For notifications you can use xfce4-mailwatch-plugin, as for email apps I ended up with Evolution but I do use Caldav calendar and tasks.

This page from Mozilla Support might help:

I don’t have a Hotmail/ account to check if that works, just follow the instructions and copy/paste the details needed for IMAP/POP type of account.

If the above doesn’t work (the server details are not updated), try this page:

The same settings can be found from within your Hotmail/ account: Settings → Email → Sync Email.

Hello Sir

I read those same pages when trying to add hotmail account Thunderbird.
Changed several things with no success…
With Bluemail everything went fine but the app is heavy on resources…

Isn’t Evolution more suited for GNOME?
I’m using XFCE.
Tried Geary, Sylpheed, Mailspring they don’t work well or the same issue with Thunderbird happened.

It does use some extra files over the basic XFCE but it is not as bad a KDE application, also it works flawlessly for me.

Tried Evolution. The Same thing happens like Thunderbird…

You have to specify what exactly happens when you try to add your Hotmail account.

I created a “test” Hotmail account and added it in Thunderbird without any issues. I used the server settings from the second link I posted above and it worked.

Not sure if it will help or not but on thunderbird I have to use the exquilla plugin to get my Microsoft exchange account to work. Hotmail might need the same/something similar to work with the Microsoft servers, have you tried the owl plugin?