Thunderbird application chooser dialog shows broken icons

Hi, I am recently observing that thunderbird’s application choser dialog is missing application icons. In other words, clicking on an http or an https link in some email message is causing thunderbird to open a choose an application to open the http link dialog that while still functional, has become visually incomplete. Specifically, the dialog shows a list of applications (firefox, chromium, falkon, etc.) but blank boxes where the corresponding icons should appear.

Would be glad for…

  • confirmation that this behavior is not specific to my system;
  • an indication of whether this behavior is general or specific to some DE (I see it on KDE);
  • an indication of whether this is likely to be an upstream bug or a packaging issue in arch or manjaro (e.g., thunderbird is configured to look for these icons in the wrong place).

Googling I cannot find mention of a similar issue elsewhere.