Thunderbird 91 gets text coding wrong


around two weeks ago my Thunderbird started messing up characters like öäü!"§$%&/()=? when I sent mails. The settings menu however doesn’t seem to contain setting for charset (ISO or UNIcode etc.) anymore.

Can anybody please help me?


this setting was apparently removed from version 91 of Thunderbird, according to this report in Thunderbird’s bug-tracker.
In the report there is a mention in a new option under View → Repair Text Encoding that you can use (haven’t tried it out yet).

Another option, if you have no problem installing add-ons for Thunderbird, is this one, which claims to restore the corresponding menu item that was removed in version 91 of Thunderbird.


Thank you very much. This looks promising, however after installing it, I can’t find the restored menu. So either I’m blind or it doesn’t work for me. I’ve got Thunderbird 91.1.2.

It doesn’t seem to be an option to find a working version of Tunderbird in Manjaro’s Program-manager either. For me as a noob it doesn’t look like there’s a clear option to fall back to (AUR integration on).


Problem still persists. Any recommendations?