Thunar's app window is too wide (at minimum width)

I like having very narrow file manager windows and notice that Thunar’s minimum width is set wider in Manjaro Xfce than I saw in Ubuntu Gnome.

Is there a way to set the minimum width to be smaller than default (at Manjaro install)?

In my experience (with other apps), the menu items (e.g. File, Edit, View) or toolbar items can determine the minimum app width if, for example, they take up a certain width and insisted on being shown in their full list.

So there might be no way to set app minimum width per se, but some way to tell the app that it’s OK to cut off rightmost menu or toolbar items or a way to delete or rename menu or toolbar items. Thanks.

If you resize Thunar, it should be remembered.

xfconf-query -c thunar -lv | grep window-

Hover over the different parts of the window and see if the cursor changes which indicates a part of the window might be resizeable. Also look under the menu item View, certain part of the window can be closed (i.e., Places/Devices/Network Shortcuts).


I followed your hints and found out that I already had the app as narrow as it reasonably could be. For example, I had the whole left panel turned off.

Deleting some of the essential items from the toolbar (e.g. location) would give me a fraction of an inch more, but one couldn’t do without them.

The query was interesting.