Thunar SFTP vs Username for Reused IP

I am trying to connect to a newly installed system to which I used a static address that had previously been used on another server install. When I try to connect to it using Thunar or PCManFM by entering sftp://, I get a popup asking for credentials, but it already has the username that was used on the old machine.

I have been able to connect to it via terminal using ssh without issue. It is just the file managers giving me issue. I have checked the ssh known_hosts and deleted the entries for the old connections to that IP.

Does anyone know where this info is stored so I can clear it?

What happens if you use sftp://differentuser@

That worked. Thanks!

For future reference, whether you use SFTP, SMB, or NFS, consider looking into and using systemd automounts.

They do require some prep work, but once you get the hang of them, you will get better performance and flexibility.

Currently, you’re using an extra layer atop the protocol itself. With Xfce and GNOME it’s GVFS. With KDE it’s KIO.

EDIT: There’s a caveat, though. You won’t be prompted for a password with the systemd automount method. (It will read the password from a secret/hidden/protected file that you choose.)

If you require a GUI password prompt, you can stick with the built-in methods from the file managers (which use GVFS and KIO), or use GUI applications, such as FileZilla, Smb4K, and etc, which yield better performance than GVFS and KIO.

When using gvfs the meta data required to reconect is stored in ~/.local/share/gvfs-metadata folder.

You can delete the offending file thus forcing the system revalidate.

Thanks both! Currently just trying to see if a Pi3 can handle running Motion with a 1080p webcam. It is failing miserably so probably won’t be using it much longer. I will consider the automount once I get a board that can handle the load.

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