Thunar see size of folder content

Hi Folks,

can someone give me a hint, on how to see the size of a folder (with its content). Like on windows?
I think currently it just shows me the size of the folder but not with the content inside

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That feature doesn’t seem available for Thunar’s columns. Though you can get the information through Right click > Properties.

i am new to linux on a desktop environment so being familiar with the windows landscape this sound very odd to me.

so may I raise the question, why is this not one of the most important detail information?
whenever i run out of disk space (on windows) i check the files in order to get rid of my old stuff.

so since this feature is not available, the workflow (obviously) is different.
How do you make space on your disk?

Thunar doesn’t have such column, but other file managers may have it.

You can use a disk usage utility for that purpose.