Thunar no longer displays Green folder theme after running yay -Yc

Hi all,

I really have enjoyed the default green colors that the directory folders are colored in the Thunar File Manager GUI. I recently ran yay -Yc to clean up unneeded dependencies, and unfortunately it looks like it took my Thunar color scheme off, is there a way I can easily get this color scheme back?

I have provided before and after pics for reference.

Any help in this matter would be greatly appreciated! Thank you.

Check if you have the package papirus-maia-icon-theme installed in your system.
If I remember correctly, it depends on papirus-icon-theme.

This icon theme provides the default green color for the folders in the file manager.

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Thank you! Specifically I was looking for the papirus dark maia theme. Seriously, fixed it perfectly, thank you.

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