Thunar List View

After fresh install with manjaro xfce and stable update 20220513, right-click on “File System” and choosing “Thunar Root” displays new Thunar window under root account with Icon View displayed by default.

Is there any way to make Thunar under root account to remember to display List View by default?

Have tried Edit → Preferences… but unable to get Thunar to load with List View the next time Thunar is launched under root account.

Did you do so under Thunar Root? It likely uses the root user settings instead of your user’s.

Changes might not be persistend without replacing dbus with dbus-x11 .


Yes. I had this issue with Manjaro and in Arch and EndeavourOS Virtual Machines. Replacing dbus, which comes directly from Arch with dbus-x11 fixed the issue.

Arch dbus is similar to Manjaro’s dbus-x11 except Manjaro PKGBUILD uses the following flag:

–enable-x11-autolaunch \

Did it as standard user but specified root password when prompted.

Tried installing from AUR, but failed for config file issue.

So installed from official repos.

Appears to be working now.

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