Thunar launches with empty window, extremely slow to load, crashes

After the latest manjaro update Thunar, when opened via desktop or terminal, opens, but only displays the window top border and continues to show the background of whatever is open behind it (wallpaper, icons, whatever). If I leave it alone it will eventually open and appear as normal, but if I click anything, or move the window it locks up, becomes non-responsive, then a pop up dialogue pops up and says that something about not responding, and asks me to close the application.

I tried downgrading Thunar, but the issue remained. Multiple restarts also didn’t resolve the issue.

All other applications function fine, without issue.

Any advise?

User error on my part. Forgot I had changed the ip address of my NFS server. Was locking up Thunar. Corrected in /etc/fstab and thunar has returned to normal function.

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