Thunar: Changing the default password memorizing selection?


I would like to change the default behavior of Thunar’s password dialog (e.g. attaching an external LUKS disk). The default dialog looks like this:

I would like to have it that the first option (Forget password immediately) is pre-selected by default.

I read the docs of thunar, udisk2, and polkit, but I can’t find anything about this dialog.

So, my question does someone could point me to the configuration of this dialog?

This is FLOSS: Free Libre Open Source Software, so:

  • if you’re a developer, you can do anything and just fork the source and set the default the way you want it to be and send a patch upstream.
  • if you’re not a developer, you’re dependant on the developer’s default (I.E. what most people want) and the only thing you can do is to go to the Thunar Bug page and raise a “feature request” that you want to have a new parameter to be able to change the default from #2 to #1. Depending on how many people upvote your feature request, it might me implemented or not…


Ah, I understand that means that there isn’t a configuration yet. It’s hard coded. Okay that answered my question. Thanks Fabby.

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