Thunar 4.17.0 problems

I installed Thunar 4.17.0 a few days ago from source. The process went as expected, After installation the split screen works as expected as well.

But several things are missing and I get a error message when trying to use the “Bulk Rename” feature that always worked fine in version 4.16 and previous versions.

  1. Thunar 4.16 still shows up in Pamac installed list - but Thunar 4.17 that I installed a few days ago does not show up in Pamac list. Thunar 4.17 is the one that opens up when I click on the Thunar icon or select it from whisker menu.

  2. There is no option in the FILE or EDIT menus to open the terminal or to open Thunar as ROOT.

  3. Custom Actions is nowhere to be found.

  4. I’ll try to attach the Bulk Rename feature error pic.

Has these features been dropped from Thunar (if so, I didn’t notice it in the Thunar feature release list) or is there something I missed??Bulk Rename Error

How do I enable the “Simple Builtin Renamers” plugin?

You installed from source version 4.17.0
The version in Manjaro and Arch repo is 4.16.2
That is your choice.

Of course it doesn’t show up in pamac - nor is pacman aware of what you did.
You simply circumvented the package management.
… again: your choice - it’s your system …

You could/should at least have de-installed the currently (by the package manager) installed version.

What you have now on your hands is probably quite some mess.
unless you can deinstall cleanly what was installed by your build from source

Has it been packaged during the installation process? If not, then your system does not recognize it as a package and thus still believes the package 4.16 is the one installed.

I have Open a terminal here as a Custom Action on 4.16, although i don’t remember if i put it myself or not…

Configure Custom Actions is under Edit on 4.16.

You should look in the source documentation for mentions of that.

I just got back - thank you for responding - I’ll check out what you suggested.

I installed a minimal Manjaro XFCE recently. The open terminal option is there by default.

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To Maycne.sonahoz - and anyone that may benefit from this Thunar 4.17.0 install from source, problem.

I looked in the source documentation and found the same instructions that I found on the web I used to install the thunar 4.17.0 bz2 file.

% tar xf thunar-.tar.bz2
% cd thunar-
% ./configure
% make
% make install

The above set of commands is missing one important command (in this particular case) that I will discuss later.

After installing again from (from Thunar Release website) instead from the bz2 file - I used the instead of ./configure and got the message -

[ultra3x@ultra3x-PC thunar-thunar-4.17.0]$ ./ You don’t seem to have the Xfce development tools installed on
your system, which are required to build this software.
Please install the xfce4-dev-tools package first, it is available
from your distribution or

I installed the xfce4-dev-tools from the Manjaro repository and re-started the build process again.

The install went fine until it got to a “permission denied” error working with the icons after typing in “make install”, without the quotes.

/usr/bin/install: cannot remove ‘/usr/local/share/icons/hicolor/16x16/apps/org.xfce.thunar.png’: Permission denied
make[3]: *** [Makefile:470: install-appsDATA] Error 1
make[3]: Leaving directory ‘/home/ultra3x/Thunar417zip/thunar-thunar-4.17.0/icons/16x16’
make[2]: *** [Makefile:563: install-am] Error 2
make[2]: Leaving directory ‘/home/ultra3x/Thunar417zip/thunar-thunar-4.17.0/icons/16x16’
make[1]: *** [Makefile:501: install-recursive] Error 1
make[1]: Leaving directory ‘/home/ultra3x/Thunar417zip/thunar-thunar-4.17.0/icons’
make: *** [Makefile:764: install-recursive] Error 1
[ultra3x@ultra3x-PC thunar-thunar-4.17.0]$

I researched further and found that I needed to do two things to correct the problem.

  1. After the “./” command and before the “make” command, I need to execute “make clean” command.

  2. Then I need to change “make install” to “sudo make install”.

After I performed the install in this manner it installed without error;
and the new “Split dual screen” (F3) works fine and with multiple tabs as well.
“FILE” terminal selection is there as in 4.16
“Thunar Root” selection is there
“Configure Custom Actions” is there as well under “EDIT”.

The 3 feature I listed above were not in the Thunar 4.17.0 during the “Problem” installs.

Thank you Maycne.sonahoz and Nachlese for putting me on the right search paths, even though I didn’t have to deinstall as Nachlese thought I might have to.

I downloaded my copy of the latest release of Thunar 4.17.0 from the following site

I picked on the download arrow on the right and selected - zip

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It seems like you went through a lot of trouble when all you needed to do was modify Arch PKGBUILD with the correct source(4.17) and run makepkg. Of course you would not have learned as much as you did. Congrats on the successful install.

Thanks jrichard326, this is the first package install from source - for me - I’m glad with others guidance I was able to do it at all. Thanks for the tip - I’ll try to learn the PKGBUILD process as well.

… if you don’t, you’ll end up fighting the package manager at every turn and ultimately end up with an unmaintainable or very hard to maintain system

… I also wanted to learn the process.
used Gentoo for a while - and even built and ran LFS (Linux From Scratch) for a long time back in the day (~2002)
then I found Arch …

Thanks for the heads up on maintaining the system - since I’m not a programmer or developer - what are some user-friendly GUI packages to help maintain the system??

Your comment - the one you marked as solution is not the solution on Manjaro - the correct solution is to build it from AUR.

pamac build thunar-devel

I think you could have avoided a lot of pain - take it as a good learning experience :slight_smile:

Thank you - for the tip - I may have to use it some day. I just want my computer to work and it does work - much better than windows - DOS thru win10 ever did. I didn’t feel any pain - just enjoyed the learning experience trip. Maybe I won’t be able to enjoy the learning experience in the future. Learn while I can - with God’s help and guidance.

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I also installed Thunar 4.17 few days ago from AUR.

I had issues with “custom actions” with “pkexec”. A simple :

pkexec mousepad %f 

did not work anymore and i had the following message in journalctl :

pkexec[2338]: Failed to initialize xfconf: Error spawning command line “dbus-launch --autolaunch=025ba084f4b944cbad1d7c16bfc7e8b2 --binary-syntax --close-stderr”: Child process exited with code 1

It appeared that “dbus” was installed instead of “dbus-x11” in my system. It’s a recent installation and i never changed that from my own, so, i do not know what exactly happened.

I reinstalled dbus-x11, which conflicts with dbus.
Now, “custom actions” with “pkexec” work as usual.

Great, glad to hear it is working for you, mine has been working as it should since I installed it as i stated in an earlier post.