Three fingers gesture broken after using graphic tablet

I have Manjaro with gnome desktop.
I tried to use graphic tablet (huion inspiroy h610x). Then, after I download driver from products webpage and installed it, I lost three finger gesture (even after disconnecting tablet).
libinput debug-events detects swipe update events. I use X11 (as I understand, there are some problems with this gesture on Wayland).
Also I noticed, that when I’m launching the system, the cursor has new form X (it appears for less then second before Log In and after, quickly changing back to normal). So cursor form looks like it can be related to the tablet, also that driver app launches every time after log in as it has autostart. But Tweaks / Startup Applications doesn’t have any anomaly. I uninstalled the driver app but X form still appears and gesture doesn’t work.

I’m not really an export in this, so tell if any other information can bi useful.
I would attach driver’s install bash script, but it’s long (350+ lines), I don’t know the best way. So you may say, which acts of script can be critical in this case.

I will be glad to get any help, and sorry bad English skills)