Three different update notifiers?

Hi everybody
I’ve got a question. After last update I’ve seen already THREE update notification icons in my tray:


I wonder, are all of them REALLY necessary? Is it possible to integrate all of them in one?
Also sometimes they’re showing different updates…
I’m a bit lost :slight_smile:

Probably because you have 3 different programs to update?

The green one is octopi. I don’t recognize the icons of the other two, but my guess is that one of them will be manjaro-settings-manager-knotifier — which only notifies you of new kernels and may possibly warn you if you’re running an EOL kernel — and that the other one will be pamac-tray-icon-plasma.

Considering that the latter is essentially a substitute for the octopi notifier icon, you should disable one of them. pamac does handle FlatPak and Snap, while octopi does not, so if you have any Snaps and/or FlatPaks, then it is probably better to stick with pamac-tray-icon-plasma and disable octopi in the system tray settings.


1 is from Octopi
2 is from Pamac notifier
3 is from Discover


Which nobody should be using, because it uses the unsafe packagekit for elevating privileges. :wink:


It can be safely used only for updating user installed widgets, themes/icons/cursors/styles…, sounds, wallpapers, splashes…

The packagekit problem is not KDE one, it’s a problem from Arch Linux and its based distros for not updating and fixing packagekit backend for their distros, other distros like Fedora, Ubuntu, openSUSE properly support packagekit without any issue.

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Discover is not designed system maintenance - Disable update check in System Settings → Software Update → Notification frequency → Never

The octopi application is really nice for Plasma

Pamac can be disabled in the Preferences for the application.