Thinkpad T440p - Trackpoint Acts Wonky


Replace keyboard with new backlit keyboard on my Thinkpad T440p laptop running Manjaro Cinnamon 22.0.

Typing works OK.

Trackpad and mouse buttons work OK.

However, having problems with the trackpoint.

When I move the trackpoint, the cursor moves on display, but it often acts as if I did a right click on mouse button and it opens up a small window on display with options to select from.

I checked mouse and trackpad preferences, but there’s no prefs for a trackpoint.

Had no issue like this with older keyboard.

Do you think this a hardware issue or something that I can adjust in Manjaro?

Thanks for any input.

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Good morning,

Perhaps this is by no means a new issue…? Or, it’s new. You might’ve been lucky uptil now, then:

A solution, of sorts…

I hope this helps, have a good weekend.

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