Thinkpad T14/T14s Support

The thinkpad t14/t14s just launched looking to get one anyone know how linux support is on them?

CPU -AMD Ryzen 7 PRO 4750U
GPU - Integrated AMD Radeon Graphics

you can try with these iso ( testing )
use ventoy for USB

Manjaro Mikah 20.1

stay on kernel version 5.7

I’m running a T14 AMD with Manjaro.
It works good beside some backlight issues. Everything else works like a charm even the fingerprint sensor.

You should use kernel 5.8 otherwise the internal mic is not working.


is the backlight issues software or a hardware defect?

It’s this error [Stable Update] 2020-08-16 - Kernels, Plasma, KDE Framework, Systemd, Pamac, VirtualBox, Firefox

It’s software and I guess it will be fixed somewhere in the future. The laptop starts up as normal but does not set the backlight level correctly.

ahh makes sense thanks for all the info, i’m surprised to see it’s working good so soon though about to get my t14s in a couple of weeks!

Hi felixoi,
For me everything (with the exception of the fingerprint sensor) seems to work right out of the box with the 5.8 kernel.
I just wanted to ask how did get the fingerprint sensor to work?

T14s here with a 4750U.
All good except of the backlight thing where it does not want to remember the last setting (systemd-backlight).
I made some small script to work around it.

Update your firmware. Linux Support was released some weeks ago

can you publish your script here?

Sure. Will do tomorrow. I don’t have access to my machine atm.

Btw. The problem is that the actual value (brightness setting) is something between 0 and 65536 while the max is 255.

Now when you set a brightness level you’d put 200 for example which results in the actual setting being 51200 (value x 256) . This value is stored by the systemd service and it tries to apply it during startup. However it first checks the max value of 255 and then recognizes 51200 is greater than max and then stops…

Ah I actually found a script on the arch wiki:

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Nice find. I guess I go for that one too.
The script I made simply wrote a proper value to the brightness setting:

echo $(cat /etc/backlight.conf) > /sys/class/backlight/amdgpu_bl0/brightness

backlight.conf just contained the value like “140”.
And then a systemd unit file which would run that script at startup…

Just wanted to mention another thing I am using with the laptop:

It is a program (available in the AUR) that allows you to increase TDP and temperature limits for AMD CPU’s.

I am currently running with 25W TDP limit instead of 15W and 80°C instead of 70°C.
It just gives you a bit of extra boost for CPU intensive things…

ryzenadj --stapm-limit=25000 --fast-limit=25000 --slow-limit=25000 --tctl-temp=80

Thank you for the hint. Now it works :grinning:

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