[ThinkPad E14 gen2] After update troubles with detecting correct microphone

Hi, after update my mic stopped working. I checked Sound section in Settings and there is only one mic to choose
imgur. com/8DVBulj

I installed PulseAudio volume control and i can see there working one
imgur. com/7e7v9pZ

In discord setting i can choose “working one” but in firefox or chromium i cant.

i would love to set working mic as default but i dont know how.
Can you help me please? =/

This is my system:
imgur. com/jP6rFFx
Thinkpad E14 gen 2 (ryzen)

found fix here: https://askubuntu.com/questions/1283440/how-to-fix-ubuntu-incorrectly-seeing-the-internal-microphone-as-an-unplugged-h/1283876#1283876