Thinking of trying either an Optiplex MFF or a Lenovo Thinkcentre tiny

Im looking at either a second-user or new micro system (thinclient), either the optiplex MFF or the thinkcentre tiny.

Can anyone confirm that these types of thinclient should be ok with Linux in general (Manjaro specifically)?

Usually the prescription is - check what hardware is used to build it - then check the various components against the Linux Hardware database.

You should specifically check which wifi card as some works better than others.

Lenovo Think-series are well known for their excellent Linux support.

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Well i don’t know exactly which version yet as i didn’t want to go into it too far if someone might say “optiplex’s dont work in general” kinda thing.

Dont they all have the same wifi/BT cards, unless added after? (I mean all optiplexes and all thinkcentre’s independently) I mean they never say much more than “wifi” and then i guessing thats an M.2 card usually.

I dont know of a hardware checking DB? I shall see what i can find.


Working hardware is is only half the way to the goal. Maintenance is the second step. Some companies have better, some have worse to no support.

Ok so iv been quoted £250 ish for

Dell OptiPlex 7050 Micro - Grade A
1 x i5-7500 CPU
Built-In WiFi Adapter

It doesn’t cost as much as I thought it would after adding the NVME 1TB and a little extra ram, so I think I’ll just get it and keep my fingers crossed.

I have inquired for additional information regarding the wifi/BT connectivity, however, I am of the opinion that I could investigate it on the Dell website as it is referred to as “built-in.” However, I am confident that it will be functional. In the event that it is not, I possess a couple of Picex1 wifi/BT 1GB/s cards that I am aware of being functional.

Ahh, i have a result on the wifi, i shall see if the hardware checking site you pointed me to will help find this card :slight_smile:

90 results for Dell OptiPlex 7050 - Intel Ethernet Connection (5) I219-LM

And most seem to be using the same Wifi device - Intel Ethernet Connection (5) I219-LM

Thx, I did see all the optiplex’s but i could not figure how to just search on that site without filling in the dropdown boxes :confused:

Looks good though, shall order it tomorrow. Just have to figure how to mount it on the back of my monitor. The monitor is already mounted via vesa mount to a wall mount (well, a massive hospital positioning arm ^^). Maybe i can find some kind of mount to “sandwich” it between the mount and the monitor, or maybe a flat sheet of steal with 2 vesa mounts side by side so i can mount it beside the main load baring vesa mount point. Sorry, I’m rambling aloud :slight_smile: I shall figure it.