Things are looking good

I’ve been distro hopping on the Arch side and came back to Manjaro.

This time I decided to keep AUR to a minimum and have started using flatpaks mostly.

This was the first update I’ve had with no issues. Pretty sure my heavy use of AUR was the problem in the past.

Welcome back…

1.Official Repo
3.App Image

The first 3 are carefree :slight_smile:


I tend to use more AUR than Flatpak, it’s really much more dependent on individual packages/cases to be worth making a general rule.

I’m pretty careless - as I have snapshots/backups - but rarely need them.

I have had some issues with Flatpak solved by building via AUR and vice-versa.

Or solved with App Image… while in the same time you don’t run into dependencies issues, at least when you in stable branch.

I don’t remember an example (apart from Joplin a few years back) when I found that an App Image gave me an advantage… but I’m sure there are individual cases that disprove all rules, so I remain open minded.