There may be an error in the checksum of the image


I downloaded an image for Rpi 4 on your website

and its checksum:

However, checking the checksum

sha1sum -c Manjaro-ARM-xfce-rpi4-23.02.img.xz

reports an error.

Please check it out.

Oddly enough, my browser (Firefox, updated just now) is refusing to do anything with either of those links, apart from indicate they are “clickable” by changing the mouse pointer on hover.

Did you try downloading it again? If the hash doesn’t match it is usually due to a download condition.

Edit:- I downloaded the compressed image and the hash matches as expected. You simply need to download a fresh uncorrupted copy.


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Yes, I tried downloading the image several times using Firefox and wget, and unfortunately, the checksums didn’t match each time.

They match for me. Clearly there is something afoot with whatever process you use to download. Try using another browser sudo pacman -S vivaldi or perhaps opt for the torrent download (if available). Cheers.

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And what’s wrong with wget, which I use?
Wget were never wrong.

Nothing in general.

It would be your hard disk, memory, cable or anything broken during the transfer.

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All I can say with any certainty is that your download failed when using wget. What actually caused the failure, I can’t say - there are many potential reasons and only you are in a position to judge. Of course, it goes without saying, that temporary Internet issues might have been the culprit.

The best you can do is try another method to download the file - perhaps a browser (I recommend trying Vivaldi). You might also try changing the download destination to another disk or partition, in case there is an issue with your disk (corruption, low space).

That’s all I have to suggest. I’ll chime in again if I think of anything else.


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Ok, thanks

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