There is no user authorization

the system does not ask for a password when booting the distribution. as a result, any user can become an administrator. how can this be fixed?
(KDE Plasma 5.26.03

Hi @steffenK,

Chances are it doesn’t ask for a password, as there is none set. So go ahead and set one:

  1. Open System settings.
  2. Go to PersonalisationUsers.
  3. In the “window” that appears, click the Change Password button, complete the neccesary steps aned Apply/OK and close the window.
  4. Click the Apply in the Bottom Lest corner of the System Settings screen and close the window.
  5. Reboot and test.

Hope it helps!

There IS another way, using a chroot environment, but that's way more...involved. So I suggest trying this first and if it doesn't work, we can try the other way.

Is it following an installation? Did you have the option “Log in automatically without asking for the password” checked back then?

Don’t you mean anyone can log in as your default user?
Even when logged automatically, no user has superuser privileges by default (except root). Getting those privileges should still require you to input your password.

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