Theming inside qbittorrent is a bit messed up

Had to install openssl-1.1 after the update as qbittorrent (v4.3.9) wouldn’t open as it was looking for

Working fine now - though theming inside qbittorrent is a bit messed up. This issue may not exist for people using an updated qbittorrent (v4.4+) however I have major issues with that version and above.

EDIT: theming was fixed by installing lib32-openssl-1.1 - Everything is now running as it should be

Actually it’s libtorrent-rasterbar that depends on openssl, not qbittorrent. If you want to keep outdated, unsupported versions, you’ll need to rebuild libtorrent-rasterbar on openssl 3.0 and then rebuild qbittorrent.

If that sounds like too much trouble, an easier way would be figuring out the theme issue. It looks fine for me. :wink:


Thanks, after installing lib32-openssl-1.1 the theme is fine now :slight_smile:

OpenSSL has nothing to do with a theme. If QBittorrent looks off, then probably other Qt applications do as well. Keeping downgraded packages is not a solution.


Well the theme in qbittorrent is fine now (and other apps I’ve looked at), I understand that keeping downgraded packages is not a solution however unfortunately when I upgrade libtorrent-rasterbar and qbittorrent I run into massive issues with connectivity, speed and app stability in qbittorrent which makes it unusable, I was unable to find a way to fix this without keeping the downgraded packages.

From my searches when I encountered the issue it seems a lot of people were having similar issues when qbittorrent was updated to v4.4 and libtorrent-rasterbar was updated to v1.2 (might have been v2 - my memory fails me) unless you have any suggestions for this issue?

This is confined to a VM that pretty much only runs qbittorrent and is not my daily machine otherwise I would have persisted in finding a solution

I gave up on on qbittorrent a good while ago and went to Deluge. Try that and see what you get.

@Locutus Thanks for the recommendation.

I did try Deluge many years ago and had issues so went back to qbittorrent, I guess it’s time to give it another go

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If you do install the deluge-gtk then no worries about theming with it.

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