Themed emacs as in manjaro i3

After using manjaro i3 for five years on my work computer, I recently switched to manjaro sway.

On manjaro i3 emacs has a dark background like most other applications, but on majaro sway the background is white.

Is it possible to get the “manjaro look” for emacs on manjaro sway as well (without configuring emacs specifically)?

By which mechanism does emacs get its theme on manjaro i3?

Hi @lpm, and welcome!

As the i3 edition is not official, I was unable to fine the ISO profile or files or whatever you want to call it for that ISO.

However, your best bet from me would be:

  1. Mount the ISO for the i3 edition, which’s emacs theme you want; and
  2. look for a config file for emacs in /etc/skel/.config/; and
  3. copy the file/directory to ~/.config/.
  4. Profit!

Well, that’s the theory anyway. Hope it helps!

Tried copying anything related to gtk or x, but no success :frowning:

See if there’s rather anything specific to emacs itself.

Also see:

Couldn’t find anything. Ended up theming emacs manually.

Aside:- Maybe it’s only me; my preference is for an app to perform well, and as expected, and not necessarily how it looks, while it’s performing.

I miss that focus with many apps of the day.

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