Theme issue with manjaro-kde-settings

I also has the issue,I fixed by just re-applying the Colors theme section.

About the slow to load/render,I don’t have that problem.



Did not work for me. The titel keeps grey instead of using the color of breath2. Other color schemes show wrong title colors as well. I think there is a bug in the updated System Settings. The color is set correct but does not show up.

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I had the same issue, it happened immediately after upgrading manjaro-kde-settings. I think it has to do with this commit. I’m not sure where to report the bug - in Development/Packaging?

If you did not clear pacman cache, downgrading the package did the trick for me:

sudo pacman -U /var/cache/pacman/pkg/manjaro-kde-settings-20210806-1-any.pkg.tar.zst

However this is just an emergency solution as long as this is bugged.

Same here. Downgrading to manjaro-kde-settings to 20210810-1 and reapplying theme settings fixes the irritating gray window titlebars.

pinging @LordTermor as author of all recent commits to manjaro-kde-settings

Can you please attach a screenshot? I’ve tried it on my side and it worked fine.

Notifications are a prominent example:


I’m using breath2 dark and titlebars should be dark.


I also have problems after the update of this package.
The “grey” on the titlebar was “fixed” when i changed the global theme,
but i still have a problem with the color settings and plasma notes.

First, no matter what Colors scheme(ex Breeze High Contrast) i select,
the window title bar is always black.
And second the plasma notes i had on my desktop, after the update,
were “moved” to a sym-link directory where i can see the actual files,
but the notes are not visible to the desktop.
When i add a new plasma note, this is added to this directory and show to the desktop,
but the rest are only show in this directory(not to the desktop)


Ok it’s Plasma issue, check with Breath2 2021 if problem exists. I’ve fixed this for classic Breath2 but it’s not made into repos yet.

For me the problem persists if Breath2 2021 or any other theme / color setting has been selected.

So it’s about wrong colors in Plasma or in applications for you?

can also confirm, that light color themes always have light titlebar / dark color themes have dark titlebar, even with the vanilla breeze scheme that should have dark titlebars
can also confirm that downgrading manjaro-kde-settings to the previous version fixes it

On my system all title text background colors in application windows and notofications etc. are wrong, for the light themes they are always light grey, independent from settings for this color. Also display manager window (sddm) colors look wrong (far too bright). I have not checked other color themes for the display manager yet, though.

Try to remove /etc/xdg/kdeglobals and relogin/reboot. Does it fix this?

Can’t say, I’m not at my desktop PC at the moment, will try this in the evening, thanks for the tip. :+1:

After removing the file /etc/xdg/kdeglobals, the problem with the titlebar colors schemes is resolved.


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great, we will update settings package shortly


Any idea what caused the problem with the plasma notes, i mentioned earlier?

Same issue here, grey (almost white) toolbars in Dolphin, Libre Office, and other apps when using dark theme right after upgrading manjaro-kde-settings.