Theme is not applied to the entire system of Manjaro

I installed the Ant theme by downloading it from Gnome Looks and copying the folder in the theme to the .themes.

However, the theme is only applied to some parts of the system. Other parts stick to Gnome’s default light theme.


How can I resolve this?

Did you install both the shell and Gtk themes? For example, Ant-shell-v40.tar.xz and Ant.tar.xz.

Yes, I installed. But it seems the theme disappears in Legacy Application

Your ~/.themes/ folder should have this directory structure:

❯ ls .themes
Ant  Ant-alt-style  Ant-shell-v40  Ant-slim  Ant-slim-standard-buttons	Ant-standard-buttons

My .themes has exactly this structure.

They all appear under Legacy Applications for me. :man_shrugging:

Technically, themes should go in ~/.local/share/themes/ per XDG standards. You could try copying them there.

Which Gnome Version are you using? Can you check with gnome-shell --version ? The theme you mentioned could not be compatible with GTK4

The same version as everyone else using Manjaro GNOME. What version do you have installed? :thinking:

What does the Dracula theme you linked have to do with the Ant theme the OP is referring to?

The OP is talking about the Gtk 3 (aka Legacy Application) theme, not the Gtk 4 theme.