Theme change not consistent

Hi all,
I’m using Cinnamon with a light theme and the problem is, that not all windows are using this theme. I’ve got some windows like e.g. Manjaro Settings or Calibre and they are still using the dark theme though others are using the right one. So it seems that light and dark themes are mixed and I have no idea how to fix that. Can someone help?

Unfortunately it is not allowed to add Links or Screenshots but maybe you know, what I’m talking about.

Thanks in advance

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The applications you mention are Qt-based, which means that you have to set a light theme for these apps as well.

You can do this using the Qt5 Configuration Tool. Search for it in your menu or run qt5ct in a terminal window.

For more information take a look at these Arch Wiki pages:

It works absolutely perfect Bill_t! Thanks a lot, nice to get such a simple solution!

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