The Xiaoxin Pro14 can not use WiFi and bluetooth

Computer is Xiaoxin pro14.
OS is Manjaro-mininal-211017-linux513

When I use “shutdown -h now” or use KDE’s shutdown button, I can use WiFi after I press the power button to start.
But when I use “reboot” or use KDE’s restart button, Wifi cannot be used after restarting, it looks like there is no driver installed.
Bluetooth is always unavailable.

Installed drviers
dkms, rtw89-dkms-git, linux513-headers

When dkms status,
print rtw89/r119.e0e98a8, 5.13.19-2-MANJARO, x86_64: installed

Hi there, please see this link and share the output of inxi:

Thanks for your hints, I will add my inix output