The Witcher Enhanced Edition won't launch, it's stuck on the witcher logo

Hello! I downloaded the Packages for The Witcher Enhanced Edition from gog galaxy website and successfully installed these using Lutris. After the installation when I click launch it gets stuck on the witcher logo. Any help will be appreciated.
P.S. I own a potato pc, but the game was working fine in windows 10.

Give details about your system.

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System details
Ram : 4gb
Processor: Amd a6 radeon r4 graphics
Hello again,the game seems to be installed properly. When i click on the launcher.exe it opens fine. But I can’t find it in the app menu.

Please don’t ignore the link I posted, and give proper system information according to the thread.
Also you need to start your Lutris games from within Lutris or a Lutris generated shortcut (right click the game in Lutris).