The way to install kernel and drivers isn't intuitive in Gnome Desktop

Is it possible to just search “driver” or “kernel” to open the driver and kernel manager? We only need to search “install” to open Pamac. How about doing it in the Gnome Settings? Manjaro KDE does it in the KDE Settings.

It is really unintuitive to search “Manjaro Settings” for installing new drivers and kernel.

MSM and MHWD are rewritten as we speak by @LordTermor and will cover/fix some of the inconsistencies that the current ones have.
The integration in KDE Plasma is much simpler than in Gnome, because of the way Gnome Settings is made.

Knowing about MSM and MHWD to install the kernel and drivers is a must. The same goes with the options of it. Is well documented and requires reading and understanding, not intuition.

Once the new tool will be ready, for sure will be more user friendly for less experienced users. :wink:

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It is good to hear for a new tool, thanks.

You can check the current work here. Also feel free to mention your ideas in that thread and/or issue tracker.

Can we find it in the AUR?

It’s in early alpha still. So no. But you can try PKGBUILD from thread that I attached in previous post.

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