The update threads are not user friendly

A general comment with regard to the update threads in the announcements section.

The polls often show a significant number of users experienced problems with the update. Sometimes 10%, and even more who “experience an issue but solved it themselves”. However when you scroll down, the thread is full of people saying “updated on xfce, no issues here”, which is not helpful to anyone. It would be better to introduce a rule saying that if there are no issues you fill in the poll but do not comment. That way the thread would actually be a useful collection of issues which may arise from the update, which we can browse to see if someone has the same issues as we do.


I’ve been thinking of the same thing as well lately and the last announcement now contains:

and as the last announcement gets used as the template for the new one, this should be included as well from this point forward…

cc @philm


And I think it’s useful to know, which constellations did work. Yes, I do use the poll, but my vote doesn’t say anything about how good an update with many plasma-packages worked, when I’m using i3wm or sway and only those kde/plasma packages following the few programs I use from this family are installed. But I also understand that it could be tiresome to read for the fourth time that there is no problem with xfce or gnome.


Yeah, it may be annoying, but you have in second post solutions for latest problems – it’s big help, you don’t need to scroll in every case.

I don’t think your post will change anything – you’d have to implement totalitarian rules and hire a lot of users to do so. Nobody wants it.

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It’s nice to have some positivity there.



We can only ask, and then relentlessly PM them to not to do this in the future…


cc @Tomek I’m an old fart: I have more patience than most kids nowadays a lot of patience. :older_man: :grin:


…technically against the forum rules:

No Power-Posting/Empty Posts

Power-posting is best described as posting empty and worthless messages. It is not tolerated. People may have two reasons to do this: to increase their post count meaninglessly, or to lend support to an idea as if it were a vote. Examples of power-posting include, but are not limited to, replying with “+1”, “lol”, “me too”, “I agree”, or “:)”.

When posting or replying to messages, make sure you have something to say. These empty posts clutter up threads and discussion, invalidate the ‘Unread’ and ‘Replies’ functions, and waste bandwidth and server space.

Threads that degenerate into a series of “+1/-1” or “me too/I agree/I disagree” will be locked. Individual power posts may also be deleted. If you believe a topic deserves determination of consensus, please add a poll to it, to satisfy the impulse of others to make empty posts.

I’ve thought about removing them, but that seemed a little heavy-handed and more work for the mods.

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It would be best if you are greeted with the pole and you are NOT able to comment on the thread only read it. You are only able once you selected that there is a problem.

This prevents people from answering questions and giving helpful posts when they don’t have a problem themselves, though…

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Oops, didn’t think about that.

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