The update button is glitched

I am not good at English..

the update button on the bottom right is glitched

lemme explain step wise:

  1. the update button is red, so i update the PC as it indicates
  2. but even after the update, the button stays red so i recheck it but it says “up to date”

That is a known and old bug. You can disable those notifications by right clicking the apps icon and go to settings. So disable from dash-to-dock or unpin the app add/remove software from the dock.

Si espaniol yo espaniol. Es un bug. No hay solucion por el momento salvo desactivar las notificaciones de la app o del dock.

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umm its of pakage manager, when i right click, it shows only 2 options.
package manager or quit

Screenshot from 2024-05-15 22-24-14

Right click there and go to:

Scroll down and turn off

Show Icon Emblems