The trackpad is optimized very well

I bought a new Dell XPS 7390 with Windows 10 pre-installed, but I didn’t like it so I started installing Linux.

I first install ubuntu, I found my touchpad in the ubuntu double refers to the scrolling speed too fast, it is not easy to control, I can’t stand it, on the Internet to find a number of ways are not solved, and then change the mint, fedora, is the same problem, finally I’m going to give up, changed manjaro, whether kde and gnome or xfce, touchpad to use is very smooth, holding the learning attitude, I want to know what did manjaro optimization is such a good effect?

Hello and welcome,

Not sure what the difference is between this two models, but most important fixes are mentioned there:
So, depending what model exactly you have, that information should help to understand what probably made Manjaro have better behavior, even tho there might not be a direct connection with particular patches.

Thank you, my computer is not 2-in-1 And I have read this article. The screen glitch on my Manjaro system is fixed according to the introduction of this article, but this article does not introduce the configuration of the touchpad. My touchpad works very well on the Manjaro system, so there is no need to configure it.

The reason Why I asked this question on the Manjaro forum instead of ubuntu, Mint and Fedora forums is that all three systems have the same problem, but manjaro alone has no problem. It is likely that Manjaro has specially optimized the Settings for this purpose. I don’t know if My guess is correct.