The size of application icons is inconsistent

As shown in the figure

In fact, most of the ICONS are normal, about the same size as the two on the left, and some are larger, like the three on the right.

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Hi @chuxinyuan,

As far as I know, that will depend on the icons in the icon theme pack you’re using and has absolutely nothing to do with Manjaro itself.

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Yes, but I’m still expecting manjaro to do something to unify their sizes.

This makes no sense, whatsoever. As I said, it has absolutely nothing to do with Manjaro. They don’t make, or have all the icons for every application that any and everyone could possibly use. If anything, it’s the icon-designers that should do whatever you want to do, not Manjaro. Remember, Linux, so Manjaro isn’t Windows. And it is totally unreasonable to expect something from someone/somewhere that you get to use absolutely free of charge, don’t ya think?

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I will repeat the important thing three times, this is only an expectation, not a hard order.

You need to understand truth and values, truth is unique, and values are pluralistic and subjective, so there is no question of whether it is reasonable or not.

In addition, I do not believe that keeping the ICONS of every software the same size is achieved by enumeration. Can’t we abstract it as a function y=f(x) such that every x has the same y value?

:confused: :confounded:

OK. So according to this, you can expect the government to take care of you as well? And if those expectations aren’t met, then…?

But, if you order them, they don’t have a choice.


Have a wonderful day! I’m off to go skydiving with my wheelchair. I expect the pilot will be happy with it. If not, someone will just have to order him.

It’s just an expectation, you understand? Just as in war, people want peace. Although the war will not stop immediately, the people still want it.

That will not happen


Aside:- Strangely, it has only been when using KDE that I’ve noticed icons being consistently, err… consistent. Curated theming is a valuable part of that outcome, which can be sadly lacking in many distributions.

It’s a sad story, but some people like it. Ha ha ha

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