The 'Search' function in my application launcher returns only blankness

This had been working fine until I booted my machine this morning. The rest of the application menu seems to work fine. I have searched but couldn’t find anything similar on google or in the forum.

Is there a service or something that populates the search for applications?

I went into Settings and examined the Search settings. Indexing is disabled (I disabled it ages ago because I don’t like it). There’s no other options related like cleaning a cache or anything.

I’ve tried to attach a screenshot but the forum won’t let me paste it.

Have you tried add a new menu to the panel, or a new panel, to check if it works? You can also try krunner (usually ALT+F11) and see if it works.

if your search doesn’t work, please go to a terminal (I hope you have a keyboard shortcut or favourite for that. F12 should open one unless you disabled it.)

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