"The Screen locker is broken..." After last updates (13/10/2023)

Just after applying the last updates of today, when I lock the session, a black screen appears indicating that the screen locker is broken.

usr/lib64/kscreenlocker_greet --testing
kf.kirigami: Failed to find a Kirigami platform plugin
Cannot mix incompatible Qt library (5.15.10) with this library (5.15.11)

Could you help me?

Welcome to the forum! :vulcan_salute:

Have you rebooted after the update?

You may also want to read this HowTo. :wink: :point_down:

Thanks Aragorn.
Yes, sure.

And I have just found the problem:
replace qt5-virtualkeyboard-bigscreen with qt5-virtualkeyboard.

PD: Thanks for the HowTo. I will read and follow it the next time.


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