The regular size of weekly updates

hey guys, i want to switch to manjaro/Arch from Debian Buster for some time
so i do quiet some search in google and i get to know that manjaro is a rolling-release distro
so it gets update every week or 2 (stable branch) and it may have some bugs
but i read a post in some forum that updates in manjaro are quite a little bit big
very big actually compare to Debian
i often get around 100-200 MB after some month
but i read in the post that the size of updates are around 2-5 GB
so here i’m asking to make sure that’s true or not
and if not, whats the regular size of weekly updates?

Around 1GB every big update, but that depends on what you have installed on the system and what gets updated. There is no regular size.


Well updates are fed through and are about as long as a big of string…
I had a fairly big one last week, that was maybe 700MB, and a couple of months ago after I failed to sync mirrors it was bigger.

Yes, updates are big, you used Debian stable and it receives only minor security patches for the software installed.

With rolling release you get updates for everything regularly.
Yes if you keep updating Libreoffice everytime it get’s an update you’ll end up downloading a lots of bites over the time compared to Debian stable where it’s going to happen only if a security patch need to be added.

If you’d have waited 2 years not updating Manjaro and than compared how big Debian distro upgrade vs Manjaro update is, you might find it’s not off by much.

Yes, the point here is that you’re comparing Debian Stable with Manjaro.

  1. Stable release contains many extremely outdated packages - so you save on downloads at what price?

  2. Manjaro rolling could have some instabilities (though so far it’s been pretty friendly) so you need to keep on top of your timeshift/backup strategy and be prepared to take awhile to roll back a bad upgrade. (I hear, hasn’t happened to me yet…)

I keep on top of my updates, I have a gesture open up ‘topgrade’ in a Konsole window and use that probably every couple of days to see what’s up - I get a fresh snapshot every 24 hours, so never worry about that.

I also have my package manager check to see if anything needs rebuilding after an upgrade (in the past, my main ‘bugs’ were that a recent build would need building again, but I wouldn’t remember to do it until I wanted to use it).

rebuild-detector is the one.

You can install it with pamac rebuild-detector
or trizen
or yay
or paru (the apparent ‘successor’ sparked by an old ‘yay’ developer).

I’m in love with trizen right now, my basic ‘install’ alias is for pamac install, but now I have an alias for ‘tri’ because I’m a lazy typist…

What is it that you care about? Your internet connection or your stability?

Updates are of varying size ofc but to give u an idea: I have abandoned this laptop for months and I have 2.3 gb updates waiting.
Last update 2020.08. That makes 2.3gb in 5 months. Idk how much it would total if I updated frequently. Can check my desktop pacman.log for that later.

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but i just switch to manjaro a couple hours ago
in the end i said to myself
if something happened i just install the os again
now i’m installing the software… i think i should update my tool for arch (pacman)
(it’s a tool for installing program. you tell it i want this, that and that package and you’ll go drink some coffee till its done installing, it also install the lamp stack but its still need some work…)

I’m also using LAMP on 1 of my manjaro installations, if you happen to need a hand let me know.

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