The problem with the image after the purchase of the monitor

Good afternoon, I ran into a problem:

The system became green in color and lost sharpness. This all happened after I bought a new monitor, the saddest thing is that on the second system (Windows) everything works fine and the picture is normal. And on Manjaro this problem happened, I tried to reinstall Nvidia driver, it didn’t help. The gamma controls change the picture, but it doesn’t get better

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Probably take a look here:

Summery: The AMDGPU Driver forces to YCbCr, but your Monitor works with RGB. It is an Upstream problem, since there is not smart switch to force to RGB. Although Windows has it in its driver. Solution is to get the EDID of your screen, modify it (disable YCbCr) and use the modified EDID for the driver.

OR simply use DisplayPort instead of HDMI (I guess only HDMI is the probematic connection here).

About nvidia, here is another thread:

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I use NVIDIA and the topic attached in the post did not help

Your answer doesn’t help either. Then stick with Windows!? I clearly explained the problem and it has to do with the pixel format. Maybe some else can explain it in clearer words.

Probably check the README.

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you’re 100% for sure ? i don’t.
the minimum had that you post the output of the mandatory inxi-command to us that has been demanded since dinosaurs roamed the world.

inxi --admin --verbosity=7 --filter --no-host --width