The Plasma KDE launch menu got different betwwen Manjaro and Debian


Last month, I think it is time to go to Manjaro from Arch. So I install Manjaro and Debian 11(Still keep windows 10). I still choose the Plasma as DE.


Now it got some time to feel the differences. I most care point 1.

  1. Difference in launcher menu. see the DE showcase below.
  2. Way of install. Manjaro needs to download a big iso file. Debian and Arch can install via Inernet.
  3. Automatic config. Manjaro auto choose driver. Arch need to search and install by yourself.
  • Input method. Debian 11 installs input method when choose region in install. Such as I use Simplify Chinese. Debian will prepare input method. This not happen on Manjaro.
  • User dir name. Take Chinese for example. If you insall while region is US. The dir in /home/user is like Desktop, Download. When region is Chinese, it will create those dir with a Chinese name like 桌面、下载. This is cool but may cause file path problem in some app. I usually do some thing to change it to English.

DE showcase

Reproduce way: Press win to show the menu.

The point is there are three main part on debian while there is a big part on Manjaro( just like arch). I try post this question on chinese manjaro forum and got nothing. To be honest, the debian way looks more comforable. I really want to know how to change my to that last month.



I put it on top-left .

Now I am use the full screen one . Tough it could not be config much. Oh, I find the second one feels better.

The default Plasma launcher was changed a couple of Plasma releases back, and I assume Debian is just using an older release of Plasma than Manjaro is. But you should be able to use the old-style launcher by right-clicking the menu button and select Alternatives. It should be listed in there.

It is very nice of you to make a reply. They do get old version. Manjaro got (
KDE Plasma 5.22.4, KDE Framework: 5.85.0, Qt : 5.15.2) while Debian 11 got (5.20.5, 5.78.0, 5.15.2). It feel better now. Thank you all the time :grinning:.

if you are fan of the legacy kickoff(plasma menu as in plasma 5.20.x) like i am you can use legacy plasmoid; Legacy Kickoff - KDE Store

works like a breeze


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