The Pinebook Pro, who's buying?

So I found out from another thread that is going to come out later this year with the Pinebook Pro with higher end specs and can be used as a daily driver.

And yes, it will support Manjaro. :hugs:

At $200, I’m really thinking of getting this notebook.


So has anyone else been thinking of getting this when it comes out? Granted it is ARM based instead of x86, but for price I can live with that.

I found another webpage that goes into more detail about this device:

The more I read this notebook the more I want to buy this, and giving weight on the PineTab with perhaps the game console as well,

As we move forward into the future, and everything becomes browser based, i feel the Pinebook wil find great success! I hope they keep this up!

I’m wondering just how much reasonable performance I can expect out of the Pinebook Pro? Granted it planned to be priced at $200, but with the specs listed this sounds to be far more powerful and usable then ARM based Chroombooks.

At at $200 I am going to get this when it comes out. After I read the reviews first of course.

I honestly can’t believe they got it down to $200. It’s a heck of a deal. It looks like a $1000+ premium product. Hope it does well, and they still make money off it! I would love to see some performance figures too. Based on the ads, it doesn’t seem to be very lacking, as long as your not expecting it to act like a $1000-2000 computer.

True, but as long as I get a very usable product for $200 and Manjaro-ARM works without major issues I will get one, and maybe the tablet they coming out with as well.

I might wait a little for all the “ first generation” bugs to get fixed, then I’d love to try it! The processor should be very usable!

The Intel Celeron N4000 processor costs less than this “hexa” core
Prcessor and has more power, both in singlecore and multicore tests.

Well true, but I rather buy hardware that supports Linux and FOSS out of the box instead of having to work around not being supported.

with those specs you can do pretty much anything web related, and it will run smooth.

never assume that a low price will also mean a low quality or performance on a device.

first gen chromebooks had a 50$ factory price tag, without shipping.

i have a notebook, that has the exact same internal components as a chromebook, but its made for a different brand, i payed about 150, with a windows 10 license included, later it was on sale for 100 (a model with dark green color) , no complaints here.

the quality of manufacturers has increased dramaticaly in the past few years.


The TrekStor E11B costs only 179 euro and can deliver more power than the PineBook. I just do not see the argument for this laptop.

its open-source friendly, tested and compatible with linux, and a new company, its always better to go with the new company, as they strive to make better products then the current manufacturers and try to penetrate the market, you get better quality for your buck.

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I’m getting it due to being designed for FOSS users in mind and having usable specs. The TrekStor doesn’t mention Linux support at all. With having Windows S preinstalled it very could well be a big hassle geting Linux working on it.

Besides I very much do not like this trend of Hardware becoming closed and Wall Gardened. And buying the Pinebook Pro will help ensure that Open Platforms are still available.


Voting with your wallet counts! :clap:

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Hopefully Pine64 new out coming products does well enough to show that there is decent demand for FOSS supported hardware. And of course that is far more Linux users then then anyone expect expected.

true there are also cheaper options out there, but if money was no issue, i would still get 5 lower-end laptops, then 1 single more expensive laptop, simply because its more convenient in the long run.

and another thing, 2-3000$ laptops, and apple devices for that matter, are not really high-end, or true luxury products. Dont even look at LUVAGLIO laptops. :cold_face:

at the end of the day i have no problem using even this, if it gets the job done.

Is that a Hello Kitty Chromebook or something else and how much is it?

yes it is :laughing:

for you… 12.99

That is very cheap, I can assumed that is intended for a little girl’s first computer?