The Old Kernel Switcharoo Trick, Anyone?

Good Day,
Is replacing a kernal difficult? Mine is no longer supported. Not sure how this happened since I downloaded from 2 or 3 weeks ago.

Go to Settings/Manjaro Settings Manager/Kernel.

Simple clicking on install and remove will do the job for you.

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No, it is not. The program ‘mhwd-kernel’ is your friend.

mhwd-kernel -l

…lists available kernels.

mhwd-kernel -li

… lists all installed kernels

sudo mhwd-kernel -i linux515

… will install for example kernel 5.15

mhwd-kernel --help

… will give you more option for install/removing kernels.

But with @pepe999 solution you dont have to touch your keyboard. :grinning:


I’ll try it your way, but Pepe comes in first with the win :slight_smile: I assume your example of 5.15 is the latest supported kernal?

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Yes 5.15 is the lastest kernel. :grinning:

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Just putting this here.


No need for a terminal when you can do it in a few clicks. As a 10+ years linux user I’d go for the GUI before terminal because it shows all necessary information. Terminal is great when you want to save some time but in this case it’s faster with the GUI. :slight_smile:


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