The Manjaro Wiki looks funny in my browser

Same here

I get the same garbled results on a desktop (Arch Linux, Manjaro and Windows 10). If I view it on my tablet I get the mobile wiki which is fine, but if I ask for the Desktop version on my tablet it also changes to the garbled output.

I ran into this problem too, it looks like a problem with the implementation of gzip response encoding in whatever system is serving

Firefox Developer Tools shows the request being sent includes Accept-Encoding: gzip, deflate, br and the response includes Content-Encoding: gzip and the first few characters Firefox displays are:


Copying the headers from Firefox to curl -v -H @firefox-headers.txt produces different line noise, but piping the result through gunzip gives similar first few characters in my terminal:


Finally, curl --compressed produces the same output as curl -H @firefox-headers.txt.

A problem with the browser is not a great explanation since different clients (curl and firefox) both show the same symptoms. It seems more likely this is a problem in the server’s implementation of gzip compression.

It’s still possible this is a client-side problem though: for example, a recent version of a client-side gzip decompression library or one of its dependencies might have a bug.

I don’t have this issue on my “desktop” firefox 83.0…

I doubt this since it appears on 4 different devices across 3 different platforms (Linux, Windows and Android).
This is server side.

Yes there is some issue with the server, @philm will look into this.

That is weird problem - I can edit wiki pages - and I can browse the wiki without issues.



I have a Manjaro Wiki page already opened (from yesterday) and now it won’t open properly (in another tab).

More people are beginning to report this issue.

Just checked here: no issues, Firefox 83, KDE Plasma

For me it does look garbled in…

  • Plasmafox 78.1.4 ESR
  • Firefox 83.0
  • Chromium 87.0.4280.66
  • Falkon 3.1.0
  • Pale Moon 28.16.0

Same issues here, but only from my laptop. On phone everything is fine… weird

Same problem here - chromium and ff.
Something is wrong…


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I have notified the wiki master … but I think they may have gone to bed some hours ago.


No problems here on Desktop Firefox or Google Chrome.

Fixed, If looks same please try ctrl+f5 again. Thanks @cscs for pm.(it happened because of cache location on server side)


Great. Confirmed working here. Thank you :hugs:

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