The KDE "Home Key"?

The “KDE” symbol at the bottom center… I hate this “button”! If you have a terminal open and touch it when you mean to touch the space bar, the desktop crashes, every time.

Would there be anyway to disable or reassign it? I am not even sure what it is supposed to do… I never touch it on purpose. I guess that it is the “home key”?

All the panel buttons are hardcoded as far as I know.

Correct. Pressing it, minimizes all the apps and shows you the Home Screen.

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For me, when I touch it with the terminal open… the terminal window disappears. The keyboard stays up and swiping does not remove it. If I then touch the “square” (lower left) which usually pops up minimized apps, nothing happens. Shortly the desktop goes black and it tries to restart the desktop from the blinking cursor in upper left, which then gives way to the splash screen. But unfortunately, it fails. I end up with a non-responsive black screen which I then have to power cycle.

You referred to the keys as panel buttons, as in “the panel”? If so, is it possible to auto hide the panel? To be able to set it where I needed to drag it up from the bottom edge would awesome.

Currently no. There’s not a lot of options for customization of the panel and the buttons. Even less than Android at this point.

I went back to the Beta 4 and then updated. This home key issue seems to be better, or I am better at not touching it.

How does one use the keyboard to perform Ctrl+c? The Ctrl key highlights when tapped, but when I then tap c a letter c is registered rather than ^c.

I also modified /etc/coredump.conf to Storage=none.

Yeah. This is a known issue with qmlkonsole (the terminal app).
But you can install maui-station which is also a terminal app, that has way better support for these things. It’s just a little slower to start.

Ah, I love it. Thanks!