The installer is lagging

After I configure my settings and go to summary and click install the system freezes after a full 20 minutes it resets I disable fast boot and secure boot

The current installer’s slideshow may be causing this.

Ok I will try it

But can you the new Manjaro make it supported in my system
My system is
CPU Intel core I3. 7gen 7000u
Graphics card Nvidia GeForce Mx 130
Ram 4 Gb
Brand Acer
From 2018

When you run a full system update after install - your system will be current.

How to do that

Read this first

Then run the mirrorlist tool and update the system.

sudo pacman-mirrors --country all && sudo pacman -Syyu

Some links for system maintenance

Thanks for your help
If doesn’t work I will downgrade to an older version

It did not work There’s any other way to install an update

I’m using a laptop
CPU:intel Core i3 7gen 7000U cpu
Gpu:Nvidia GeForce mx130
Ram 4gb

can you , from USB live iso or installed
open a terminal and return

inxi -Fza