The icon of the manjaro-system-manager is weird


Look, the middle line is thicker than the left and right lines, which makes it looks awful. I prefer the square green one or design a new one like Manjaro Logo + Gear.

It was decided so.

  1. to not be confused with the main logo and the menu icon
  2. in case people will use the Margins Separator widget, and all System Tray icons get smaller because of that, that icon will not become blurred and ilizibile.
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We obviously make the confusion, it’s the Manjaro logo, icon menu, main logo or whatever logo, and this is fine to make the confusion for the purpose of standardization, this is my opinion.

Not anymore. The proof is the OP that saw the difference and asked about it. No 1. goal matched.
By the size of the systray icons it look clear, so i guess No 2. goal reached also :slight_smile:

But look awful, agree with the OP.
It gives the impression this logo has been done with paint on Windows :slight_smile: (ok with the colors depending on the theme or whatever, but the thicker middle line, nok)

is a .svg file

Maybe a little cogwheel on one corner of the MSM logo could help people clearly differentiate. (Just a suggestion)

Yes. I mean that. @shirshendu

gear=cogwheel (laugh)

Have you tried that? The file to edit is /usr/share/plasma/desktoptheme/breath2/icons/manjaro.svgz
And you can share with us your result.


As I have no art talents, I will leave this to @shirshendu.

Here is a way to produce svg from tikz:

Just added a simple gear icon. :sweat_smile:
[I’ve created it in Inkscape as a .svgz file, but cannot find a way to directly upload]

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This also has a thicker middle line😅

But it looks better now, maybe the gear could be bigger?

Another one:

Is there a way to upload .svg or .svgz file in the forum?

Great, show it on the panel please …

no, use a github … but that is not the thing, how is the icon looking in the panel ?

Also, if you look at Papirus icons for example, they did already something similar, but will not work in the panel

First, has to match more or less the rest of the icons as style, aka Breath icons, be visible and no overleaping graphical elements because has to be a symbolic icon now. Has to change color based on the color-scheme used, so has to look good in every monochrome color. There is a point where you see some details, like the gears, that will not be visible in the systray panel because the icon is 14 pixels in size or 22, while the source is 22 and 32 respectively …

Due to the name Manjaro Settings Manager you will have to do some compromises even more, because visually will be something like that with another style


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Thanks a lot for explaining 🥲. It is not so simple as it might seem.

Please do not be discouraged. Any feedback is welcome, and any idea deserves exploration.
While the icons in the file can look like this:


When comes to the Panel it will look like this:


When is not visible, so you look at it in the dropdown systray menu, it will look like this:


If this is something that is more appealing for you, i can push the changes and have it with the next update of Breath2 package, but since most of the time, the aesthetics are heavily critiqued as if is the end of the world, it becomes quite a challenge to please everyone. Of course this can be tweaked visually even more, find the perfect visual balance when the M logo is not becoming something else, and the gear is not taking over visually. :slight_smile:


This icon is great indeed! Please add this icon to Breath2 if possible (and if others agree, of course) :smiley:.

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Done. Will ask someone on the team to rebuild the Breath2 package and push it to all branches. Because is Sunday, it might not be done till tomorrow.
So, please give always feedback about such things and we look into them.


This icon is much better enough than the original one.

It also remind us that this is a system manager.

What about the light theme?