The end of Nvidia proprietary Drivers on Linux !?! - Twitter feedback

I switched to Manjaro at the start of the year, but I (like many people on Twitter) are disappointed by how clickbaity / unprofessional this post and tweet is.

The least you should have done is try and explain what happened in simple terms so that you put that clickbait in context


Hi @Thibaultmol and all who got irritated by the original version of the forums post.

Thx to you and all the others for reaching out.

It was late night at my end and I had a long work day as I wrote it. After realizing it this morning the damage was already done. I should have chosen a different and more neutral picture plus explain more about the situation as packager, maintainer and why it is not good to change Licenses in general with external modules.

We read all the comments on the twitter post, and decided to remove that post from our global Twitter feed. As soon as you post something on the official community feed, it has to be reviewed and well written. Otherwise the user base and community may get irritated and worried about the whole project and it’s goals.

Nvidia Driver topic is like a minefield, as I understand everything from the user side as well. There you want to have the best driver possible to use your hardware as intended. From our side we will only provide the drivers with proper licensing and the post original should have informed the user base what might happen, or not. From the maintainer point of view you have to deal with licenses, check with other distributions and Nvidia itself on how you package and provide the software/driver best for your own distribution.

As anything is written in stone yet. Linux 5.9 kernel series is still in development and a lot of things can change. I’m sure some Nvidia drivers will be released for the 5.9 series, however I assume not all.

So I’ll review the post I did, rework it to a version which explains the situation so it can be understood the way it was intended, as by the comments we read it totally feels like some click-bait scheme.


Where is this tweet? Has it been deleted?

See phil’s previous post in this thread

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The twitter post contained only a link to the forum post in original form. This leaded to cross-postings of which the original problem already got solved. As I already stated, I corrected my post in the forum, to reflect the situation better. In short it is a technical thing which includes licenses and a way to skip them. Late nights and having poorly chosen the picture for the post resulted in a click-bait vibe, which was not intended at all.

Posting something on a public platform can always backfire if there was no research. More or less it was a combination of words and chosen pictures by me.

I’m sorry that some got irritated by it, as I know better.


Fair play @philm we’ve all been there and done it and are lying if we say we haven’t. Just unfortunate the twitter trolls are just that trolls with nothing constructive to say