The display problem of wps-office on high-resolution screens

I installed wps-office-cn, wps-office-mui-zh-cn, ttf-wps-fonts packages on my laptop, my screen resolution is 2560*1600, and the scaling factor is set to 1.5 , the wps display has some problems on my screen. The desktop environment I use is GNOME+X11.

  1. The font is very blurry, and the editing area is shifted to the right and cannot be adjusted.
  2. Some content is not displayed completely, such as settings.
    But when I adjusted the zoom factor of the screen to 1, all the problems disappeared and everything was displayed normally.
    The problem is that a scaling factor of 1 at high resolutions makes fonts very small and hard to view. Is there any solutions?

Fractional scaling usually presents issues. The lesser of two evils - you could try with 2.0 and reboot.

That used to happen to me. The arch wiki - Chinses got a temp solution.

That problem seems solved at version