Thank you Team Manjaro

Dear Team Manjaro,

I’ve been away from Linux for too long. Something about a family, need to share accounts, location finder, etc…regardless, I am back and so happy to have found Manjaro. I use to distro hop quite a bit back in the days but since I’ve put Manjaro KDE on an old ZaReason laptop I’ve never felt better.

This is an incredible distro that offers everything I need and then some. I am so happy to be back in the Linux community. Will. Never. Leave.

Thank you,


We will check in in 2 months :sunglasses: :wink:
Just joking - welcome. Have fun manjarowing.

(btw - manjaro supports so many desktops … you can technically ‘hop’ while staying with manjaro. I find thats also illustrative to look at what different distros/DEs/softwares/etc actually offer … they are separate things often compared as wholes)


True although hopping DEs is quite a learning curve. Hopping from Kubuntu to manjaro kde (like what I did) isn’t much of a learning curve aside from the package manager. I love i3 as well but getting good at it almost as hard as learning new programming.

Thank you team manjajaro !

i know what you mean, manjaro is awesome - so i’ll add my thanks to the team as well :smiley:

CSCS - the thing is that in the day, I had to find the right driver or work around for interoperability. Every new printer was way too much time. Then the kids at school - they all use Mac or some LMS that did not always play well with cameras, etc. I loved doing it when I had time, but as time became of the essence, the family won out and we joined the walled iOS garden. Hard to escape the matrix that is apple.

Fast forward to last week - my son’s Mac went down for the count. I had been playing around with my old ZaReason laptop and Manjaro. Everything was so easy. I loaned him my laptop and he was able to continue his ‘now’ online hybrid school - no interruption. Scanning - check. Printing - check. USB Camera - check.

Fast forward to today. He loaded Steam, Minecraft, and Discord on my laptop and now wants to keep it rather than his new Mac Air.

Thanks again!

PS: I use to be on Open Suse type with a penchant for XFCE. I’m not a GNOME guy…the beauty of linux.
PPS: Coffee has not kicked in…Nth edit.
PPPS: Why can’t you have the same swag on the US Spreadshirt store that you do in the UK who ships EVERYWHERE in the world but to the US?

Plus, once tweaked, it is nice to have that ‘i’m home’ desktop feel. KDE just works better for me in that regard.


@jppelt I agree totally.

One of the reasons I set up my Manjaro machines was due to the dropping of KDE by the Mint team. Although I still do have (and use) Mint installations, Manjaro is my daily driver. I’ll be putting Mint back on the “server” machine (currently out of action) when I get round to it but Manjaro KDE will still be my go-to for my “non-static” machines.

When I’m in a position to do so, I’d like to buy a few :beers: for the Manjaro Team.

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