Thank you! Manjaro

Thank you! Manjaro. Arch has never been one of my favorite Linux distributions.
After Garuda failed to impress me, I try the most recent Manjaro. Ola, I never imagined to be so good and stable, and least clustered and bloated. Manjaro’s team has done an excellent job. I love discover software, thanks to ALLAH, away from binary packages. You appear to be really listening to your users.

Keep lovely work rolling.


I wonder what Allah has to do with that software? I thought he haven’t used any of C, Python or Rust, the stuff he makes is written in pure quantum physics :grin:

Edit: ah I got it. I’ve seen posts like yours among YouTube comments under random videos. People pretend to be normal then out of blue mention Allah and begin praising it. Be careful, this is not a place for religious or any kind of other propaganda. You are free to believe in anything you like but here we believe only in Manjaro and Phil is our prophet :rofl:
(To make it disambiguous: the last part is a joke, but everything preceding is not)

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Was wondering the same. All praise be to the Manjaro development team. :vulcan_salute:

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In addition to others posting thanks to the Manjaro development teams, I also want to thank you for a tight, capable, and well-managed rolling distro.

Brave browser Shields also shows ZERO ads or trackers on the forum! This may be the only internet site I visit that has scored a zero. :smiley:


Am a BIG fan of Manjaro, deserving extraordinary kudos. But just to join the fray, Privacy Badger shows a non-zero number of trackers on this forum page. Not a big deal - but apparently not zero.

This is Google’s server for fonts.


Thanks for that - wasn’t clear to me what that tracker pertained to.