Thank you Manjaro team!

Not a question, but wasn’t sure where to put this.

Just wanted to thank Manjaro team for making such a great distro!

I can finally stop dual booting Windows 10, and keep them contained in a prison where they belong, but still use the 3 applications i need Windows for. :slight_smile:

Thanks to Manjaro, i managed to set up low latency audio, gaming (on linux, not in a VM), qemu/kvm virtualization with GPU passthrough, and most of that was a breeze thanks to a lot of great packages and package availability in pamac, and what little i couldn’t find in the oficial repositories, there was AUR!

The only thing i had to make myself was the looking-glass-client, the AUR package had a wrong sha512, but that was just another learning experience, and i did it!

I’m so happy right now! With any luck, i’m never going back to dual booting Windows. And it can’t hurt me from inside a VM when i need it for those 3 programs.

There’s some optimisations left to be done for the VM, and setting up shared clipboard and files but if i did this, thanks to the awesome documentation, i’m sure i’ll manage.


Linux: +1
Micro$@$: -1

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