TextMaker - libdpf.so.3 missing

After installing the update to softmaker-office-nx, 1202-1, TextMaker no longer opens. The error I am seeing is:
/usr/share/officenx/textmaker: error while loading shared libraries: libdpf.so.3: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory

I posted at the SoftMaker website in this thread:
TextMaker - libdpf.so.3 missing

They redirected the support question because they did not build the install package. Is this something that could be looked into, maybe the package is missing some components?

Thank you.

/usr/bin/textmakernx is a bash script which starts /usr/share/officenx/textmaker.

Maybe this helps?

LD_PRELOAD=/usr/share/officenx/dpf3/libdpf.so.3 textmakernx

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Seems like this library was overlooked?

ldd /tmp/softmaker/textmaker | grep "libdpf.so.3"
	libdpf.so.3 => /tmp/softmaker/./dpf3/libdpf.so.3 (0x00007f5377e00000)
ldd /usr/share/officenx/textmaker | grep "libdpf.so.3"  
	libdpf.so.3 => not found

Seems you removed this rpath here: PKGBUILD · master · Packages / Extra / softmaker-office-nx · GitLab

Thus, this library cannot be found. Adding a LD_PRELOAD variable to the bash script should fix it at least.

Fixed with softmaker-office-nx 1202-2.

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Confirming that this has been resolved.

Thank you so much for the quick turn around.

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